Welcome to Care for Lives

Healthcare Education and Equality – At Care for Lives our mission is to increase awareness of the American healthcare system before people are sick, and to achieve equal, high-quality, individualized health care for all regardless of race, socio-economic class, connections, religion, or any other status for all Americans.

We help our clients:

  • Receive 5 Star Healthcare Concierge Services
  • Access services when and where you need them
  • Reduce Isolation
  • Reduce Stress
  • Prevent additional health issues
  • Support caregivers, family, and loved ones
  • Provide friendly visits and check-ins to lonely patients
  • Support post-plastic surgery operations
  • Support recently discharged patients
  • Provide care for elderly people
  • Support your unique healthcare needs
We Provide:
All Americans deserve 5 star Healthcare!

You Are Not Alone

We are dedicated to championing 5 star healthcare for all Americans! Whatever your health and wellness needs are, we are here to help. Stress is known to exasperate health concerns, our dedicated staff, and mobile services, reduce stress and put the patient exactly where they should always be… FIRST!

Family Support

Caring for a Loved One is a Team Job

Care for Lives takes a unique approach, prioritizing family care right after patient care. We have seen the impact that stress and worry have on families, and on the individuals who are responsible for caring for loved ones directly. 

Our services provide much needed relief for family members, and help to educate, and organize, the family as they unite to care for a loved one in need.

Work life balance, self-care, and family obligations don’t just go away because someone gets ill or injured, we are here to lighten your load, and to be a part of your care team!

Contact Us

Take the first step by contacting us.


We will work with you to assess your unique healthcare needs.

Healthcare Plan

Once we have assessed your needs, we will create a plan just for you.

Welcome to Care for Lives

Once you agree to the healthcare plan created for you, we will fill out the paperwork needed to get you started.

Nursing Visits

Now you are part of the Care for Lives family, our qualified nurses will begin visits in accordance with your plan and schedule.

Re-Assess and Family Support

In the process of providing services, our nurses will continuously monitor your progress, and recommend plan adjustments as your health changes. We also support family members by, with client consent, providing information to family, sharing re-assessment results, and providing education so everyone is empowered to be their best.

Working as a team

Healthcare is a team sport.

From wellness to end of life care we are here to be part of your team and to help make sure you achieve your fitness, and lifestyle, goals. Our passionate team is not only dedicated to providing high-quality care, we are dedicated to making that care accessible.

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